[GF-Users] if your virt stack does not start with Xen you did it wrong

Pry Mar pryorm09 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 17:23:05 MST 2020

Hello Ghettoforge,

dnf module info virt | grep src | wc -l -> 14

as above there are 14 source RPM tied up by the `virt module`  (VM*)
stream from the AppStream repo.

The original build of the VM* left out Xen and focused on kvm only.
Any build or install that uses any part of VM* must use all of it. So
package choice is limited unless we do a radical rebuild: all packages
in VM* must be rebuilt and source from another repo, like ghettoforge.


^ as above I attempted this in Feb 2020. I think I've succeeded with 2
different stacks/branches: starting with xen-4.12.2 + qemu-3.01, then
xen-4.13.0 + qemu-4.1.

Each branch has about 170 packages.

There are a total of 24 SRPMS that need to be rebuilt.

According to #centos-virt, Anthony started the xen-4.12.2 stack for
el8, as shown here:

he seems to be stuck with the common packages.

I've attached a list of the package set for the xen-4.12.2 + qemu-3.01
full Virt stack build.

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