[GF-Users] Custom build of dovecot23-mysql to include libmariadb?

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Thu Sep 29 00:45:53 MST 2022

On 29/09/22 06:17, dbforbush at techandtiny.com wrote:
> Thank you again for providing this valuable support to the FOSS community. I had reached out about two weeks ago expressing interest in a dovecot23-mysql package with its dependencies instead coming from libmariadb. I am seeing significant interest from LiteSpeed's CyberPanel developer about this. He was curious about when this package might be made available since this would be absolutely essential for them to bring support for AlmaLinux 9, which uses MariaDB 10.5 as its default version.

I've now built the dovecot23 packages against mariadb for EL8 and 9. 
Both are in the gf-testing repos for now.  Please let me know how they 
work out and I'll then move them to -plus.


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